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Fried Egg Buns

No need to worry about bread when you have Fried Egg Buns and their even more delicious cousin, Crispy Cheese Fried Egg Buns!

I LOVE using these for my juicy oven baked burgers but they are fabulous with absolutely anything in between!

Here’s how to make them both!

* Fried Egg Buns *

1 – Pan on medium high heat, melt ghee/animal fat
2 – Crack in 2 whole eggs and season with salt
3 – Separate eggs from each other
4 – Pop the yolk and spread around top
5 – Flip eggs when crispy around edges and cook until brown and crispy on both sides

Remove to plate and cool then use as buns for anything and everything!


* Crispy Cheese Fried Egg Buns *

1 – Start with cooled Fried Egg Buns
2 – Melt 1 tbl (or more) of shredded cheese in a pile over medium heat
3 – Add one bun per pile of cheese
4 – Flip after 30 seconds and heat up other side
5 – Remove to plate – cheese side up

Let cool then use these cheesy buns for anything and everything!


The filling possibilities are endless!

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