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Sausage Dip

This has always been one of my favorite dips and good news, it’s keto!!

It’s wonderful eaten with pork rinds, served over zoodles, as a filling for sasquashes, peppers and stuffed eggs or even all by itself!


* Sausage Dip *

1 lb bulk sausage (spicy, breakfast, italian, etc)

1 8oz brick of cream cheese, softened

1 can rotel (or diced tomatoes)


Brown sausage while breaking into small pieces (I do not drain grease)



Add can of rotel with juice and stir



Add softened cream cheese (I cube mine for quicker melting).



Heat thru until melted and stir to combine.




This batch makes enough to fill 2 dozen eggs (48 halves) or 4 medium squash (8 halves) so divide as needed


5 thoughts on “Sausage Dip

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    1. Same, I love it so much!! Thank you so much for your dessert order and I am absolutely thrilled you are enjoying them!!

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