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I’ve been eating Specials since I was a little kid. These have always and will always be a family favorite. They’re very simple with so few ingredients, it’s truly amazing how incredible these turn out!

Specials are english muffins topped with american cheese, onions and bacon then broiled until bacon is crispy.  The cheese melts into the bread as the bacon grease drips down, cooking the onions and imparting wonderful bacon flavor throughout the bread. The eating experience is impossible to describe, it’s just plain yummy. Over the years, many different meat, cheese and veggie combos have been tried and none have been as wildly delicious as the 3 basic toppings!

Obviously english muffins are not keto so I tried using bagels from Great Low Carb Bread Company and they worked perfectly!

I imagine this might work with other types of bread substitutes but I haven’t tried yet.

* Edited to Add *

I found the perfect homemade english muffin to make these!!

I used this recipe and I microwaved in an 10oz ramekin that made the perfect size!
(I use these same ramekins for my French Onion Soup)


I sliced these in half lengthwise and proceeded with the rest of the toppings.

Next time I will brush each side with oil and briefly toast them just for a little more stability.

These really worked great and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I hope you’ll give these a try as something extremely magical happens under the broiler!


* Specials *

4 low carb bagels or low carb english muffins
8 slices american cheese (Dietz & Watson has >1 carb)
1 small onion, diced small
8 slices bacon, sliced in half
Wire rack over foil lined cookie sheet

Put oven rack into 2nd highest position and turn on broiler.

Cut bagels/muffins in half lengthwise and place onto rack.

Fold in the corners of the american cheese and place on top of bagel.

Don’t skip this step or you’ll lose some of your cheese!


Add diced onions to the top of the cheese.

You can use a little or a lot – your choice!

Gently place 2 half slices of bacon on top so you don’t knock off the onions.


Place under broiler (on 2nd highest rack spot) with oven cracked and allow to cook, checking every few minutes.

Sometimes the bacon will slide off a bit as it cooks, just slide it back on.

Rotate cookie sheet as needed.

These take about 15-20 min to cook but they need to be watched – SO worth it!!


Let cool for a minute or two and devour!

It seems too easy, yes I know!

Specials are unlike anything you’ve experienced before but trust me, you WANT them!!

These (and burritos) were ALWAYS requested by all of my friends growing up when they came over to eat.

Simply put, they’re marvelous!

Let me know if you try them, I’d love to hear what you think!


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