Loaded Cauliflower Soup

Loaded Potato has always been one of my most favorite soups.

This is an amazing substitution!

* Loaded Cauliflower Soup *


1 stick butter

1 medium onion – diced

2 stalks celery – diced

2 heads cauliflower – chopped

1tbl dried parsley

6 cups chicken stock (I used homemade which made it very rich and delicious!

2 cups heavy whipping cream

Salt & pepper to taste – I do not measure. EVER . . . I do, however, season throughout the entire cooking process which is marked with (S) – when you see this, sprinkle with salt & pepper and taste. Repeat if needed.

Melt 1/2 stick of butter over medium heat and cook onions and celery (S) until translucent then add the other 1/2 stick of butter. Once melted, add cauliflower and parsley (S) and stir. Reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 15 min. Add chicken stock and stir to combine. Now you have to decide if you want a chunky or smooth soup; or something in the middle. I usually choose smooth but the chunky is great as well!

For chunky – continue instructions below

For smooth – use an immersion blender or blender (be careful HOT!) to puree the soup completely. Continue instructions below

For a little of both – use an immersion blender or blender (be careful HOT!) to puree HALF of the soup. Continue instructions below

Add heavy whipping cream (S) and let simmer on low for 20 minutes and serve!

For serving:


Shredded cheese
Sour Cream
Sliced green onions
Crumbled bacon
Anything else you can think of!


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