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Green Chef Keto Review

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Recently, Green Chef announced their brand new line of Keto Meal Kits.


Green Chef is a USDA-certified organic meal kit company that functions as your personal sous chef. They offer pre-portioned, pre-measured and prepped ingredients along with step-by-step instructions complete with chef’s tips and photos. All meals are designed to be ready in about 30 min so you can now have a healthy and delicious keto meal on your table in no time.

I was sent one of their Keto Meal Kits to try out in exchange for my opinion and it was a really fun and delicious experience.

All the ingredients arrive in a heavy duty insulated box with ice packs to keep it cool. Everything was in perfect refrigerated condition.


All of the ingredients are color coded to make it very simple. They include large full color cards with plenty of photos to take you thru each step of the meals.

Each meal had really interesting flavor combinations that I may not have tried on my own and I really enjoyed being able to try something new.

I would not classify these meal kits as keto, however as they contained far too many carbs and not near enough fat. These are closer to paleo meals minus the potato family.

Green Chef specifies on their site that they do not include any dairy in their keto meal kits which is great for people avoiding dairy. I ended up adding some element of dairy to all of these meals to help up the fat content and for personal preference. They also mention that they do go veggie heavy and depending on your specific macro needs, you may want to split the veggies into 2 separate meals.

I ended up giving the extra veggies to the kiddos.

Now on to the FOOD 🙂

Dill-Caper Sole Roulades

580 cal | 45g fat | 14g net carbs | 30g protein

Sole fillets are slathered with dill-seasoned capers and garlic, then rolled to form a “roulade” and baked until flaky. Green beans, tomatoes, and chopped bacon are roasted for subtly sweet and salty notes. A fresh baby spinach salad tossed with carrots and almonds is drizzled with a paprika vinaigrette for a fresh element on the side. 

I found out I love capers from this dish so that’s a win! This is definitely something I will make in the future, it was absolutely delicious! I don’t believe the fat listed for this dish is correct at 45g per serving. I upped the fat content by serving with melted butter for dipping the sole roulades.


Mustard – Roasted Pork

400 cal | 19g fat | 14g net carbs | 30g protein

Boneless pork chops are seasoned with a mustard spice blend (featuring caraway and fennel seeds), then roasted in the oven alongside cremini mushrooms and cauliflower. Sautéed fennel, onions, and snap peas make an aromatic side, while a sauerkraut pan sauce (simmered with chicken broth, rosemary, and garlic) is drizzled over the pork for savory notes.

This was such a yummy meal! I really loved the pan sauce and the veggie combination in this meal. I upped the fat content by adding heavy cream to the pan sauce and bacon grease to the veggies.


Merguez Chicken

450 cal | 15g fat | 19g net carbs | 55g protein

Chicken breasts are spiced with an aromatic merguez seasoning (featuring paprika, ground fennel, cayenne, and cinnamon), then pan-seared. Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, ginger, and ground tomatoes are added to the pan next, and it’s all simmered to a tender finish. Chopped almonds add a subtle crunch on top.

I really enjoyed the spice mix used in this meal but it was my least favorite of the 3. It wasn’t anything spectacular, at least compared to the other 2. I upped the fat on this one as well by adding heavy cream and bacon grease.


I was pleased with the Keto Meal Kit from Green Chef overall but I do believe a few changes could be made to make it more keto friendly without having to add additional fat or reduce your meal size due to the extra veggies.

You can check out Green Chef’s new weekly menu of keto meals here.


This post was sponsored by Green Chef but all opinions are my own.


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