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Golden Mushroom Soup

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When I found out Kettle & Fire made a Mushroom Chicken Stock, I knew it was time to put together a creamy mushroom soup. This soup is absolutely delicious all on it’s own but even better when paired with a juicy steak!

* Golden Mushroom Soup *

8oz mushrooms, wiped clean
1/2 onion, medium
2 tbl butter or bacon grease
1 tbl sherry (optional)
2 cups Kettle & Fire Mushroom Chicken Stock
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream


Start by dicing your onion and sauteing in 1 tbl of fat until softened and lightly browned. Season with salt and remove to plate.

I used crimini mushrooms for this recipe but button mushrooms would work great.

Slice mushrooms and then cut in half. Saute in remaining tbl of fat until browned. Season with salt and remove to cutting board to cool for a few minutes.

Once cooled, roughly chop sauteed mushrooms and add to preheated pot with sauteed onions.

Add sherry if using and allow to cook off for a min before adding the mushroom chicken stock.

Turn to low and allow to simmer for 20 min.

Add in heavy cream and salt to taste.



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